Outlet Cover Box for Child Safety (2 Pack) Duplex & Decorator Electrical Outlet Plates, Concealed Access Buttons, and Spacious Compartment – Jool Baby


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Product Description


Who We Are

When a couple with 4 children was frustrated with the lack of reliable products for keeping his little ones safe and comfortable, they embarked on a journey to create durable, secure, and easy to use solutions. Just a few miles from the iconic Jersey Shore, Jool Baby was founded with the simple objective of keeping you and your precious ones safe and happy. We know that parenting can be stressful and overwhelming at times, and that’s why we’re committed to providing you with products that will give you peace of mind, knowing your tots are taken care of.

Jool Baby values the culture of close-knit community life, unity, and selflessness. That’s why we make it a priority to donate a portion of our proceeds to charity, as well as providing free items to those in need. Join the Jool Baby family to make the world a better place not just for kids, but for hard-working parents like you.


Our Newly Designed Outlet Cover Box

Does your rambunctious little one just love pulling out the plug of your TV when it’s the bottom of the ninth? How about the plug of your desktop? Yes we know, the first time you caught him, that mischievous grin was priceless… but let’s face it, playing with outlets is dangerous. That’s why Jool Baby created the perfect solution to keep outlets away from your little troublemaker’s hands. Whereas simple outlet inserts keep outlets secure when not in use, this product provides protection even while outlets are being used. This meticulously designed outlet will not only prove to be a reliable, durable, and easy to use addition to your child-safe home environment, but will bring you peace of mind as well. Experience the Jool Baby difference and bring your parenting reality to the next level.


Tamper-resistant for your curious child; easily accessible for you

Whether it’s a crying toddler, pacifier, or bottle, we know a mom’s hands are rarely empty. That’s why Jool Baby designed an outlet cover which, unlike competitor’s products, lets you unlock your wires with just one hand. Release buttons are located on both the top and bottom for easy access. The comfortable operation of this product makes it a first choice for the overwhelmed parent.


Simple installation

Setting up your new outlet covers involves 4 easy steps. 1: Unscrew and remove previous wall plate from outlet fixture. 2: Place appropriate wall plate inside outlet cover. 3: Fasten back on to wall. 4: Enjoy peace of mind knowing your child is protected.


Aesthetically Pleasing

Sick of child safety products clashing with surrounding design in your home? Our safety box has a neutral and simple style that conforms comfortably in any environment.

Package Size

5 Pack

4 Pack

4 Pack

4 Pack

6 Pack

4 Locks 1 Key


Ultra Clear






Recommended Age

0-5 Years

0-5 Years

0-5 Years

0-4 Years

0-10 Years

0-4 Years

Inteded Use

Prevent Accidental Fires

Knobs, Handles & Doors Up To 5″ Apart!

Fridges, Cabinets, Drawers, & Much More

Child Proof Doors

Prevent finger Injuries

Drawers and cabinets


Clear universal design fits more stove knobs than competitors. Durable & heat resistant with hinged lid for easy adult access.

U-Shaped lock fits knobs and handles up to 5″ apart. Squeeze and slide to open lock. Uses high-quality, strong plastic.

Secure fridges, toilets, cabinets, and other appliances. Easy to install with long lasting 3M adhesive.

Fits most standard door knobs. Sleek modern design blends in with home decor. Easy access for adults.

Prevents door from slamming on childrens fingers. Made from high-grade EVA foam. Compatible with standard doors.

No Drills, No Tools, No Hassle! Uses strong 3M adhesive, to last longer! Installs in minutes.

Safety Tested

Tool-Free Installation

Securely encase your wires while they are plugged in to avoid dangerous tampering by your little ones. Neutral design blends seamlessly with surroundings, not disturbing your décor
Incredibly simple and quick installation, requiring just a set of hands and a standard flathead screwdriver. Includes two outlet plates, accommodating both standard/duplex and decorator outlet varieties
Easy release mechanism for adults. Choose the upper or lower access button to easily unlock
Roomy compartment accommodates various plug sizes. Run wires through either top or bottom wire passage points
Includes Manufacturers 10 year warranty

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Outlet Cover Box for Child Safety (2 Pack) Duplex & Decorator Electrical Outlet Plates, Concealed Access Buttons, and Spacious Compartment – Jool Baby


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